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Richard Smoley's Blog

Conceptronium and Perceptronium

I've just come across this item (see link at left, "Consciousness as a Property of Matter") and think it's interesting enough to comment on.

There are some problems with it: I always raise my eyebrows when I come across peculiar neologisms such as "conceptronium" and "perceptronium." But I do think it's valuable that there is at least some attempt at integrating consciousness into fundamental properties of the universe (see my post "What Is Consciousness?").

My view, that consciousness can be defined as the capacity to relate self and other, could inform the discussion. If you say, as one of the men mentioned in this article does, that "consciousness is a phenomenon of information," you must then define "information."

"Information," minimally, is always about a perceived other, presupposing, again, that there is a prior relationship of self to other.

So I would say that some of the ideas in this article lead back to some that I have talked about especially in The Dice Game of Shiva.
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