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A postscript to my recent post. The last three years, I have been making an effort to actively seek the spiritual state that I inadvertently stumbled upon during my twenties. I have had significant success, and have been keeping notes to serve as a "breadcrumb trail".


I have had several profound spiritual experiences, the first was when I was twenty years old (eighteen years ago). Given the internet is not as it is today, I was restricted to asking people who I thought were the best to ask questions about my experience. I will not go into details about my experience, but there was no doubt it was Divine. My outlook of how life can be changed to something that I would have never conceived as possible. However, I wrote my experience off as a transient, blissful psychosis since I could not find anyone who could identify with my experience. I asked as many pastors and "men of God" who I knew. I am going to cut this very short that leaves out a ton. After going through the first couple of chapters in "Hidden Wisdom", I am convinced that I am Gnostic. I am not claiming to be Gnostic by agreeing with the Gnostic beliefs, but from having periods of Gnosis. I have not been able to find anyone who identifies with my experiences, and have concluded that this is extremely rare.
I am coming to you in hopes that you can direct me to a group, or someone who may help me develop spiritually as I feel that I have lost valuable time that I could have been using to grow spiritually.
Your response will be greatly appreciated. I assure you that I am not wasting your time.

Thank you,



If you recall, I met you at your TS lecture last November where I gave you the photocopy of passages from Victor Zuckerkandl's SOUND & SYMBOL: MUSIC & THE EXTERNAL WORLD (Princeton/Bollingen).

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on his phenomenology.

Zuckerkandl states that the entire world can be experienced (through music) as symbol and (as I interpret it)there is no reason why all of sensory experience cannot potentially reveal itself as such.

A passage from Alan Watts' autobiography IN MY OWN WAY, p. 232 comes to mind:

"Imagine the sonic equivalent of those places in national parks usually called Inspiration Point where tourists from Kansas exclaim at the view, 'Oh, it's just like a picture!' Buddhahood is the state in which ALL sensory input is viewed in this way."

Perhaps he was referring to Mahayana (samsara = nirvana).

David Rhys

Mr. Smoley

What do you consider the "Essential Smoley" reading list to discern your "understanding of" (fill in the blank) and how that has specifically framed your theology.

I read your article in the Daily Word, May-June 2015 issue, "Find Freedom in Forgiveness." I am giving a joint poetry reading at a library in NJ in September with one of the most proficient female writers in the Middle East, Faleeha Hassan, who is also known as "The Maya Angelou of Iraq."

It is most unusual for a Jewish man and a Muslim woman to collaborate on anything, yet we have formed a poetic bond. The focus of the evening will be poetry having to do with peace in the Middle East and then a discussion about what it will take to achieve it. Forgiveness is a necessary ingredient. I would like to know if I can get permission to give out copies of your article. We do have permission to sell our books, but we are not selling your article.

If you want to see what we will give out, I will be glad to forward it to you, but I need an email address to attach it. Also, am I correct to assume that the Daily Word would need to provide permission as well? Thank you.

Best regards,
David Steinberg
856-547-3860 h 856-383-5325 c

Dear Daria,

Thanks. The best way to contact me is through the "e-mail the author" link on the right-hand column of this page (below "quick links"). --RS


I am Daria from Digital Publishing Company 'Transformative Learning Solutions'. We have a proposal to Richard Smoley. How can I contact him?

Thank you.


I just read your article in New Dawn Magazine, and would like to send you my latest novel. In the novel that I call "The Turning" I came up with almost the same conclusions, but in a different format. I think you will enjoy the approach taken. It's a fun read and yet...? Hey, in case no one has told you lately, let me say 'thanks' for what you are trying to accomplish. Trapperpettit@aol.com

Thanks for your kind comments, Joe. I don't have sets of my works available as such, but all of them are available from bookstores, Amazon, and other sites.

Thank you for your work Inner Christianity. It was just what I needed. I would like to add your books to my library and get a set to lend out. Do you have sets available?

Be blessed


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