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Dear Daria,

Thanks. The best way to contact me is through the "e-mail the author" link on the right-hand column of this page (below "quick links"). --RS


I am Daria from Digital Publishing Company 'Transformative Learning Solutions'. We have a proposal to Richard Smoley. How can I contact him?

Thank you.


I just read your article in New Dawn Magazine, and would like to send you my latest novel. In the novel that I call "The Turning" I came up with almost the same conclusions, but in a different format. I think you will enjoy the approach taken. It's a fun read and yet...? Hey, in case no one has told you lately, let me say 'thanks' for what you are trying to accomplish. Trapperpettit@aol.com

Thanks for your kind comments, Joe. I don't have sets of my works available as such, but all of them are available from bookstores, Amazon, and other sites.

Thank you for your work Inner Christianity. It was just what I needed. I would like to add your books to my library and get a set to lend out. Do you have sets available?

Be blessed


Selected Works

Enjoyable and intelligent essays on topics ranging from prophecy and hidden masters to Atlantis and Freemasonry.
Spirituality, religion, mysticism, psychology, sexuality
A clear-eyed but compassionate approach to the real meaning of Christian love—in all its forms.
Prophecy; occult
The key texts of this celebrated prophet, with commentary and biography
Spirituality; Religion
The story of the hidden mystical stream of Christianity
A guide to the mystical and esoteric teachings at the heart of Western civilization
A guide to the mystical and esoteric teachings at the core of Christianity.