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Mr. Smoley,

I would appreciate your comments regarding the following prologue. I should send to you a pdf that contains the proper formatting, footnotes, deleted diagram and photograph, as well as BOTTLED WATER, CIRCA 2089 and THE LOGOS OF THE ROSE that develop these concepts in context.

Thomas H. McLin (tmclin@juno.com)


I submit this prologue with trepidation. Expressing such abstract concepts in words is exceedingly difficult, not unlike DIY dental extraction, and the effort may be in vain. I will be surprised if I succeed, i.e. if I am satisfied with the product. But the following is relevant, needs to be communicated, and provides a broader perspective for comprehending these issues, so…sic. You should note redundancy that is intended to facilitate comprehension. If so, that may mean you are "getting it." However, the demand to increase neural connections (prompted or stimulated by mental attention) for the purpose of facilitating higher magnitudes of chaotic complexity (from which consciousness emerges) takes time through intervening rest periods. Be patient.

"Redundant variations shift
or rotate concepts about their axes
to accrue alternate perspectives
that the mind assimilates
into a higher dimensional whole.
This is the power of metaphor __
the ground of real art."

All ideas, concepts, data, information, etc. are apprehended directly only by the mind through functions of thought and imagination or indirectly by the mind through the five functions of sensory perception of physical phenomena that represent the reality of information presented as symbols or analogs of information, the root existence of which is probability wave patterns. Probability waves do not exist anywhere within space-time. Only their analogs… energy-matter phenomena…exist in space-time as analogical representations of probability wave patterns of information. Space, itself, is merely an idea…a probability wave pattern…the perception of which is an analog that appears to separate energy-matter phenomena from one another that in reality are just analogs of the probability wave patterns of information that exist outside of space-time in a state of superposition. Time is merely an idea perceived through the senses as a change of spatial location or structural change in energy-matter relationships. Structural change (through time) presupposes the existence of space occupied by or in which appears energy-matter phenomena. The entire physical universe is an analogical representation of information coded in the probability wave patterns that comprise The Field of All Probabilities (FAP).

This field does not exist anywhere within physical space-time reality that in itself is a virtual construct through the functions of physical perception that in itself is an analog of a pattern of probability waves. Thus, the physical universe "bootstraps" itself into existence through the functions of consciousness…primarily the functions of perception including systems of observation. Probability waves are subject to principles of Wave Mechanics (that in themselves are probability wave patterns of information) that define the mutual interference of waves that is either constructive interference or destructive interference. Constructive interference reinforces the interfering wave patterns by increasing their amplitude when perfectly in phase, destructive interference that is 180o out of phase cancels the interfering waves. Such destruction/construction varies in magnitudes that vary according to their relative phase between 0 o and 180 o . Within the field of superposed probability waves, all waves are in a state of constant mutual interference…by virtue of their superposition…in total, absolute chaos. Chaos Theory states that in a system composed solely from rapidly changing random events, statistical probabilities dictate that meaningful, coherent patterns will spontaneously emerge that are self-perpetuating as a consequence of inherent probability wave patterns. The integrated mathematics of Chaos Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Fractal Theory and Mandelbrot equations define the patterns of constructive-destructive interplay of probability wave interference to spontaneously produce patterns of self-ordering, self-perpetuating standing waves that include the probability of the existence of consciousness that evolves to manifest the probability of self-consciousness. The emergence of consciousness within a chaotic system requires an extremely high degree of complexity that may or may not be defined. From the field of all interfering probability waves, the physical reality of space-time-energy-matter emerges through functions of consciousness (perception, imagination, memory, thought, etc.) that continue to collapse probability waves (according to probability wave patterns of the laws of physics including the mathematics of Chaos Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Fractal Theory and Mandelbrot equations) into ordered patterns of space-time-energy-matter (STEM) relationships.

Spontaneity is the innate and defining quality of chaos by which the random collapse of interfering probability waves yields the probability of meaningful, coherent patterns by which life derives meaning, value and ultimately the continuation and evolution of life itself. This is true because spontaneity is an integral prerequisite to the formation of the universe…to all physical reality. Relative to the extent that spontaneity is repressed, a living system becomes more static and the quality of life is degraded. Suppressed spontaneity induces a pressure cooker environment that will seek and ultimately achieve release, in any way possible. Hence, disordered spontaneity emerges, or erupts discontinuously, as chaos.

Chaos is the state of disordered spontaneity of mutual probability wave interference (constructive and destructive), yet chaos, itself, will spontaneously initiate self-ordering processes according to the integrated mathematics of Chaos Theory, Catastrophe Theory, Fractal Theory and Mandelbrot equations that define the patterns of constructive-destructive interplay of probability waves’ interference. It is, therefore, the source of all that exists. The human brain is composed from 100,000,000,000 neurons, each with an average between 10,000 to 20,000 axons and dendrites per neuron, as hair-like protrusions, fore and aft respectively, interconnecting all the neurons into a coherent, potentially infinitely complex matrix for the random transmission, 24/7, of neural signals between neurons. Neural signals are ion displacement wave patterns of information transmitted between neurons from axon to dendrite across a space called the synapse. The wave pattern is communicated by and through the release of a variety of chemicals (neurotransmitters) from an axon to a receiving dendrite. Keep in mind that neural signals carry information from sensory (visual, auditory, tactile or touch, olfactory or smell, taste) neurons to their respective cortexes in the brain where the information is processed into perceptions (or percepts) that we interpret as the objective objects composing objective reality. These percepts (including qualities: solidity, color, shape, etc., as well as space and time) merely represent objective reality and are solely the product of the biological functions of perception that impose order to percepts. We do not see the world around us, we see an analogical representation of that world that is filtered through our physical senses. That which we actually perceive are merely analogs created by the brain’s functions. Our physical bodies (including our brains) are also a component of the objective field of reality…they are products of perception. Hence, we bootstrap ourselves into physical existence through the functions of perception…we live in an observer created universe. Ultimately, our reality is a virtual reality. Information communicated to the brain through the functions of perception is impressed upon the incessant neural cacophony of the brain to thereby impose its order on that chaotic system. Within the brain, the number of axons/dendrites per neuron, as well as the number of neurons, varies throughout life, depending on several variables… genetic, diet, trauma (impacts, disease, psychological trauma, etc.), but primarily through mental exercise ("use it or lose it") that is most intense during the first few years of life and incrementally plateaus through the undefined conclusion of adolescence. Self-conscious sentience emerges when the degree of complexity attains an appropriate magnitude.

However, at any time throughout life, the number of axons/dendrites, and perhaps, the number of neurons, as well, may be increased… intentionally… by vigorous mental exercise. The increase in hair-like axons/dendrites exponentially increases the degree of neural pathway complexity that facilitates the expansion of the functions of consciousness, particularly, awareness and comprehension. Other functions, such as those associated with paranormal phenomena, require specific neural configuration patterns that also presuppose higher magnitudes of axon/dendrite complexity. The growth and its patterns provide specialized neural pathways to accommodate and facilitate the specific tasks and functions demanded through conscious attention. Such axon/dendrite growth has no defined termination and continues according to the demands…the stimulus…of conscious attention. Again, use it or lose it.

Attention received from the objective field also generates…stimulates…the expansion of neural pathway’s axon/dendrite growth so as to accommodate the information to be processed by such attention. Such information is assimilated and integrated into self-identity. This is the reason young children hunger for attention from their parents and adolescents from their parents, peers and society in general. Through mutual attention, we create self-identity that reflects or expresses the quality of such attention or lack, thereof. Through an infinite variety of stimuli…information…that generates demand of mental attention, these components of the brain grow to fulfill an undefined, and perhaps, unlimited potential. Such growth is happening right now as I struggle to compose these sentences as you struggle to comprehend these ideas…Minoxidil for the growth of cerebral neurons’ axons and dendrites. Just as physical exercise requires rest periods to facilitate muscle cell growth… development…so does mental exercise. If and when you feel fatigue or the text is incomprehensible, take a break. Information continues to be assimilated and integrated, 24/7, while your attention is elsewhere.

Millions of totally random neural signals constantly pulse spontaneously throughout this matrix…24/7. The brain analogically represents the FAP (Field of All Probabilities, aka The Field). The brain is an analog, an analogical structural representation, that functions to interface that field. The physical brain interfaces the FAP through the cloud of virtual particles that surround each and every atom, molecule, cell component (including axons and dendrites), each and every brain cell, and so on up to the entire brain and entire physical body. All matter and material structures in the universe is/are enclosed by fields of virtual particles that through probability waves’ mutual interference …destructive and constructive…rapidly phase into and out of existence gazillions of times per second in patterns that may be randomly chaotic or not. I suspect the latter as I believe that this activity defines, creates and supports the continuous and contiguous state of existence of the stable material structures contained by the virtual particle field for all matter particles and structures of matter throughout the universe. It seems to me that this virtual particle activity is forming the stable structures contained within the field similarly as an electron beam "draws" a televised image on the phosphorescent surface of a cathode ray tube in a television. Just as the 2-dimensional image on a television screen is a graphical representation of coded information transmitted through the electron beam, 3-dimensional physical structures are 3-dimensional representations of information originating in the FAP and transmitted through the virtual particle field. Hence, stable physical structures of matter are essentially holograms representing the information contained within the FAP and expressed through the virtual particle field activity. Hence, through the functions of physical perception we "bootstrap" or create ourselves and the contents (including our bodies) of the objective field of space-time-energy-matter (our surrounding physical universe) into existence. The Kirlian Aura that surrounds an object placed within an electrostatic field may be a graphical representation or effect of the virtual particle field illuminated by the corona plasma discharge of electrons ripped off atoms by the high-voltage frequency of the electrostatic field and augmented by the presence of water molecules in that field. The Kirlian Aura may be an abridged version (by virtue of limitations imposed by conditions of the electrostatic field) of colorful auras seen by so called psychics who claim to see such auras, if indeed they actually do see such auras.

The cessation… flatline…of chaotic interplay of neural signals between brain cells is deemed to denote brain death with the advent of cellular degeneration. The probability of conscious self-awareness emerging from the chaotic cacophony of neural signals is, in itself, a probability wave function that spontaneously self-orders into self-perpetuating, coherent patterns of thought/memory/awareness. Hence, coherent consciousness emerges from the chaos of superposed probability waves’ mutual interference according to the same principles that govern the formation of the physical universe. Again…we "bootstrap" ourselves into physical existence. Note that physical consciousness, including all its memories constituting self-identity, is an analog of a probability wave pattern structure that exists in the FAP, therefore the conscious self continues to exist after its physical analog ceases to function as a living organism. Google search "Pam Reynolds". 100% of her blood was drained from her body, the temperature of which was lowered to 57o F for surgery to remove a brain aneurysm, yet she continued to objectively perceive during and remember after surgery her body’s immediate environment in real time.

Physical reality constitutes the objective field of our perception, the neural functions of which construct the objective field within the neural matrix of the brain. It’s not out there…it’s in here. What’s "out there," the physical universe which includes our bodies, is all just an analog…an analogical representation…that represents the reality of superposed ideas, data, information… probability waves. Physical reality emerges from and within the infinite, chaotic sea of superposition of all probability waves’ incessant and eternal mutual interference patterns through functions of perception…observation…as an analogical representation of ideas…information…whose root state of existence is probability waves. Principles of Wave Mechanics (that, in and of themselves, are probability wave patterns) define how waves, including probability waves, mutually interfere…constructively and destructively. Mutual interference of probability waves (that define the existence or non-existence of anything and everything that can exist…physical structures, physical events…as well as that which cannot exist according to the parameters of physics that define the content of physical reality) yields patterns of standing probability waves that define the structures composing the objective field of physical reality that in turn are spontaneously ordered into the events that constitute temporal existence within the context of physical reality.

Consciousness spontaneously emerged and continuously emerges into existence within the infinite field of superposed probability waves as a singular, self-perpetuating, standing probability carrier wave of self-awareness. Space-time-energy-matter (STEM) forms and events in which STEM forms are related (i.e. space and time is perceived to separate and thus identify the energy-matter structures and events) are analogs, i.e. analogical representations of concepts or ideas, whose probability of existence…of physical manifestation…is defined respectively through and by probability waves that through constructive and destructive mutual interference collapse with a value of 1. If such interference collapses with a value of 0 (i.e. destructive interference) the event (defined by those interfering probability waves) that constitutes existence does not occur. Between values of 0 to 1, manifestation of events remains in a superposed limbo of potentiality. Laws of physics are ideas that exist as probability waves that order the collapse of probability waves with values of 1 or 0. Hence, probability waves do not exist within a space-time reality system, but rather the converse.

"The ghost is not in the machine:
the machine is in the ghost.
The issue here is of first cause.
We interpret the objective field
as a priori to ourselves
when in fact first cause is us."

Thus, the ghost (i.e. spirit, a probability wave construct for identity) "bootstraps" itself into life. A self-perpetuating, standing probability wave constituted the initial state of the original unit of consciousness. As such, it lacked identity. It acquired identity through its interaction with the field of all superposed probability waves by which it became a self-perpetuating, standing carrier wave containing information extracted from the field through collapse of probability waves into actuality…manifestation as a function of perception. The idea or concept of ‘self’ is a probability wave integrated with the carrier wave by which the unit of consciousness forms its identity from probability wave information defining ‘self,’ as opposed to that which is ‘not self.’ All individual selves are identity components of the Universal Carrier Wave (UCW) of the SELF (universal mind, universal group consciousness, Jung’s "Unconscious," etc.) The Field, itself, is a living organism, and so is the entire physical universe a living organism (as an analog of the FAP) and the UCW is its conscious mind.

[Diagram of descending fractal relationships.]

UNIVERSAL CARRIER WAVE OF THE SELF INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY FLUCTUATIONS WITHIN AND OF THE UNIVERSAL CARRIER WAVE These fluctuations are coherently ordered, self-perpetuating standing waves of information that exist as self-conscious, autonomous identities that continue to grow through time as they ingest, assimilate and integrate information extracted from the FAP directly or indirectly through experience of perception in the analogical, virtual reality of STEM. They "carry" this assimilated information as their identity (just they are carried by the UCW) that distinguishes them from one another. This is our state of existence in the state of superposition which is the real state of existence for all the content of the objective field of physical reality, i.e. our physical universe.

(Figure 1)

Figure 1 depicts the potentially infinite fractal regression of patterns that form a structure, that in this case are flux patterns of conscious identity within flux patterns of identity…all of which are contained by the singular UCW. A list of free fractal-generating software that graphically displays the brilliant, beautiful regression of fractal relationships is available at http://www.dmoz.org/search?q=fractal+generating+software&cat= all&all=no. Note that one application is titled, VISIONS OF CHAOS. The beauty of such imagery is sublime.

All identities share and emerge from the common ground of The Field of all superposed probability waves outside the STEM (space-time-energy-matter) system of physical reality, and that explains the mysterious phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Ordinarily, as we experience our apparent existence in the objective field of STEM, information is indirectly and linearly communicated between FAP entities (e.g. ourselves) through the STEM field of the objective reality. Information (ideas) must be analogically represented…symbolized…in increments by and through elements of the STEM field of physical reality, i.e. physical communication. However, information may be communicated directly between entities within the UCW of the FAP. Such transfer is non-linear, instantaneous (no intervening space nor time) and delivered as whole, complete ideas, hence, quantum entanglement. The principles that define quantum entanglement would define that which we call ‘telepathy,’ if, indeed, such form of communication exists.

Concepts of space-time-energy-matter (STEM) become integrated with the carrier wave of units of consciousness as wave patterns to define identity of ‘self’ in relation to that which is not cognized as ‘self.’ Perception is a function of consciousness by which information is transposed linearly from the objective field to the mind of the perceiver and vice versa, hence the collapse of probability waves through observation. In the wakeful physical state of consciousness, laws of physics dominate such collapse. In the dream state, such laws do not dominate. A unit of conscious identity…an entity…‘grows’ and evolves through time as it experiences its existence through its interaction with the field of all probabilities. Our state of physical existence emerges spontaneously and continuously from one moment point of time to the next and so on, ad infinitum, through the functions of perception as perception collapses probability waves into one of two probable states denoted by values of either 1 or 0 by which 1 denotes manifestation as a STEM event in physical reality and 0 denotes the converse…non-manifestation. Any value between 0 and 1 denotes potentiality. Values of potentiality between 1 and 0 pertain to the unmanifested state of superposition…the arena of our dreams…where superposed probability waves constitute the universal field of all probabilities.

Through functions of perception and consciousness, we create our reality and hence, ourselves, including individual identity. Childhood is, essentially, a period of identity creation becoming increasingly intense through adolescence, although the process of self-creation continues through life…and beyond. This is what life is all about. Adolescents are consumed… obsessed…with the process of identity (self) creation that in and of itself subsumes our sense of the common source state of all entities within the UCW of the FAP. Love is that sense and sensation of the common source state of relationship between all entities, and sociopathy is the effect of the suppression of such awareness. This obsession with self-identity colors, drives, folds, spindles, and even mutilates relationships with material objects, ideas (ideologies), and…people. Sociopathy is a condition of consciousness that supports an immature personality’s sense of identity through self-focus that excludes awareness, consideration, sympathy or empathy relative to the experience of those with whom the sociopathic personality does not identify. It frequently emerges and intrudes to focus an adolescent’s attention solely on the adolescent’s forming self-identity. During such intrusion, the adolescent is extremely vulnerable to the influence of ideas pertaining to identity. Video games, as well as other entertainment media, provide and induce such focus. Such a state is, by its nature, hypnotic, and, thereby, it firmly impresses and establishes the ideas/concepts presented by the game as components to be integrated with the adolescent’s identity. If such components are antithetical to sympathy, empathy, etc., sociopathy is reinforced and protracted to become established as an identity component, itself, to influence other relationships. This obsessive hunger for identity is driven by the vague awareness that without identity one’s self is nothing and that one’s existence is devoid of meaning, significance and purpose.

Some of us construe death of an individual entity to be the absolute end of consciousness and, hence, one’s own self. Information defining an individual’s identity is a coherently ordered set of probability waves that is created through experience within STEM reality. Ultimately, there is only one SELF. Infinity exists only as a potential. Infinity is an idea that cannot be manifested in the STEM as that would render infinity as finite. The universal SELF is a singular standing, rotating probability carrier wave that carries a potentially infinite number of individual identities separated each from the other by parameters of space-time-energy-matter defined by laws of physics that coherently order the contents of space-time into energy-matter structures through which the SELF, through functions of consciousness and perception, creates its whole identity through the multiplicity of individual identities within the universal carrier wave of the SELF. By definition, the universal SELF, therefore, is totally, absolutely, utterly alone. It has no peers. Empathy, sympathy and ultimately love (agape) is the sense of the common, singular ground, the UCW, for all individual identities. Sociopathy automatically excludes such sense of awareness by promoting ideologies of atheism and secular humanism that thereby facilitate the decision to impose death on the identity of another as a means to establish and sustain one’s own identity as well as to punish another for apparently or actually having posed a threat to one’s own identity. The imposition of death on another is the ultimate punishment as it returns the transgressor to that state that we mostly fear …that awesome, sublime and subtle state in which we cognize that ultimately we are just one SELF… totally alone with no peers and no identity apart from the space-time-energy matrix in which we created our multiplicity of seemingly autonomous identities. This is the reason for the sociopath’s sense of alienation from all other selves by which the sociopath excludes or suppresses empathy for all others. At an unconscious level the sociopath senses the ultimate state of individual existence to which we all will ultimately return, as well as the state from which we originated...a perversely mangled sense of the true relationship between all individual selves that the sociopath cannot consciously acknowledge.

This is the fear that compels the totalitarian elite in their mad rush to achieve infinite power, wealth, immortality…to squash spontaneity for everyone else, that ironically, is the source of all our existence, while isolating themselves within palace walls and gated communities from a world of horror and misery that they create…perpetrate and perpetuate. Such people, including many of social elite celebrities who may or may not be totalitarian sociopaths yet who stringently maintain their distance from all the rest of us while constantly babbling admonitions that we all are one who just need to love one another, are truly pathetic...the most pathetic of us all. Their hatred and contempt for everyone beneath their feet is ultimately self-hatred projected outward…for fear of the sublime and subtle feelings of loneliness and powerlessness innate to the state from which the SELF emerged. The consequences of such sociopathy imposed throughout society have emerged in a variety of social venues, e.g. the cessation of close or cheek-to-cheek dancing in nightclubs, the popularity of texting instead of talking on cell phones, the popularity of virtual reality presentations (including current TV, video and movies) that are technologically evolving to virtual reality indistinguishable from "real" reality, the emergence of frequent mob violence when large numbers of young people congregate, the increasing rate of physical and sexual assaults, robbery, and murder, especially among young people at progressively younger ages. If such trends continue with the advance of virtual reality technology, individuals will retreat to the sanctuary of virtual reality scenarios as a substitute for real world experience. To an undefined extent, many of us already have so retreated.

"Our isolated self still reigns,
attired in grand and regal trappings.
It huddles, trembling on a throne
while entertained by dancing clowns,
within a fortified cathedral
lit by sparkling, sterile lights
and secured by killers armed with guns.
All of which are no more real
than castles floating in the air,
while our world erupts in flames."

The ground for all anger is fear. The ground for all fear is diminished identity…the greatest fear being the total loss of one’s personal identity, analogically represented by the death of one’s body with which one identifies as one’s self and/or as the source of one’s self. This is why they cannot feel and share real love, let alone create it. They identify with all their material wealth, delusions and illusions of power over everyone while everyone bows and scrapes to exalt their glory. Through various media…movies, videos, commercial advertising, magazines, celebrity news in televised Hollywood tabloids as well as other news media, etc. …they impose their superficial values for the formation of false identity on each emerging generation of young people to perpetuate their egocentric insanity. They promote false identity by sponsoring and promoting to celebrity status, not only people with considerable talent but also a host of empty suits who have little or nothing to offer, for the sole purpose of generating hope and unbounded enthusiasm in all to participate in and perpetuate such identity worship. Hence, we have thousands of empty suits flapping in the wind of the internet, e.g. You Tube, standing in line for American Idol auditions, parading for paparazzi, peddling designer crap on television, toddling on Toddlers and Tiaras. Bumper stickers abound, announcing the identity of the cars’ owners. I have one such identity symbol in the rear window of my station wagon. It proudly announces,

[Photograph of car window sticker (MY SNARK IS AN HONOR DWELF AT GRIBNAB PRYXYLSNYZ) and a Chihushua wearing a Cheetah jacket.]

[This strange-looking animal is not a Snark. She is a hybrid miracle of genetic engineering…a Cheetahuahua. The vision of her father mounted on stilts, his eyes ablaze with passion and little pink tongue flapping in the air as he bravely and tenaciously with unbending resolution wobbled and lurched across the San Francisco Zoo’s compound in the foggy, full moon’s pale light for a sacred rendezvous with her mother who waited impatiently with raised haunches and twitching tail, was a sight to behold, indeed. Unfortunately, YouTube censored the video.]

The cabal of totalitarian sociopaths has integrated gratuitous violence with false identity so now we have children and adolescents engaged in a wide variety of violence, from jackass M.M.A. and bum boxing bouts to attacks on innocent victims (e.g., see news reports on The Knockout Game) that may degenerate into snuff videos, if they have not already, all of which they often record and post on You Tube. Such false identity is easily threatened by the loss or impending loss of symbols on which it is grounded, but fear for the loss of false identity is just as real as fear of losing real identity with consequences equally potentially disastrous. When romantic relationships of young people (or even older people whose maturity is retarded by false identity) are grounded in symbols of false identity, the threat of losing such identity invokes fear and anger that may (but not necessarily) erupt in horrendous violence presaged by these cultural values and symbols imbued with gratuitous violence. The manipulators create false identity grounded in superficial values that subsume the formation of real identity that they, themselves, abandoned. Instead, they prance and dance in a public parade…a charade to celebrate their Hollywood fairy tales of "true" love as did Charles and Diana while the whole world bowed and scraped and swooned and cheered. We all know how that fairy tale ended. Now they present us with that obscenity of William and what’s her name while we swoon and cheer. Real love is the emotional feeling…the sensation of awareness… that emerges through quantum entanglement within our sense of identity that grows through the relationship between one’s self and the "other" self that one loves, the loss of which threatens to diminish identity. Fear of losing such a relationship and, hence, one’s identity established by such a relationship invokes that nagging, abysmal feeling of loneliness and powerlessness that preceded and prompted the inception of all existence. Such, originally, was a desperate attempt to create a peer…an "Other" with whom It could share Its existence and through whom It could know Itself…hence, the origin and meaning of love, as well as quantum entanglement by which all entities share the common ground of their existence.

"We sense connection to the Source
when in a state of solitude
we feel the loneliness conceding
our sense of nothingness preceding
the evocation of the feeling
of the power TO BE that sparked
the furnace generating All.

Yet, when we feel love for another,
we feel connected to the Whole
through those feelings that It feels
for all of us as part of It,
for there is no one else for It __
by definition of the Whole __
with whom to share Its solitude.

All creation is an art.
Life is the art of self-creation.
Through relationships we form
ourselves and one another."

Coincidentally, I recently discovered the following quotation. I have not read the book, but the title of Wilson’s book suggests my contention that solutions to our society’s cascade of degradation into the bowels of hell must emerge from society, not from legislation imposed by people who do not…perhaps, cannot…identify with the society that they fold, spindle, mutilate and otherwise manipulate.
"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

Within the history of this universe, not just our planet, civilizations greater than our own have shone for a few, brief and brilliant moments. They were extinguished with no surviving records, at all. No one remembers them, except, perhaps, in dreams. The people who rule this world could not care less for our potential destiny. We are nothing but farm animals to them, at best…or pests, at worst. Too many people cannot believe that such a ruling order exists. They truly believe that we choose our ruling order. They do not understand that the people we "choose", as we are so indoctrinated to accept and believe, all too often with the fervor of a religious zealot, are subject to the invisible cabal referenced by Wilson, and all this is the reason for that cabal’s success. Slaves who believe they are free are blind to the infrastructure of their prison, as well as to the existence of those who enslaved them. Someone has got to wake this society up with a slap to the face and a bucket of ice water that it cannot just ignore as it rolls over with a few placating grunts.

Projects that carry potential for positive social change have a mysterious way of disappearing or being converted to negative social change; to wit, the civil rights movement and the illegal alien issue. Both issues are addressed with blatantly unconstitutional legislation, executive orders and agency regulations or procedures that also violate the Constitution. Various agendas alter the identity of our country with which our individual identities are inextricably bound, e.g. Supreme Court Decisions (not all, they must maintain the illusion of legitimacy), pernicious entitlement legislation and various media propaganda through slant, omission, lies, emphasis, innuendo, context or euphemisms that obfuscate the truth.

Such tactics not only incite protracted civil conflict but impresses on the minds of young minorities the conviction
that they are victims entitled to extraordinary rights that abrogate specified constitutional rights to anyone but them. This consequently presupposes the conscious conviction that they inherently lack the means to compete on their own
and that presupposes a sub-conscious feeling of inferiority as well as that most self-destructive state of mind…self-pity and self-hatred…to further promote inevitable failure and social chaos by which the ruling elite maintain power
by dividing society into warring factions with propaganda delivered through all various media of communication…
entertainment, news, academic education. PBS constantly and consistently produces documentaries reminding minorities (racial, sexual, religious, political, etc.) of their identities’ heritage of victimhood. Consequently, young minority people enter the age of majority with a fearful, angry and hostile attitude that alienates the rest of society that has been psychologically programmed to view them in a pejorative context including prospective employers whose rejection reinforces these applicants’ identity of victimhood and exacerbates their hostility, thus trapping them in a vicious cycle that effectively destroys their lives. Conversely, young majority people are indoctrinated with feelings of guilt and outrage for the transgressions of their progenitors. Simultaneously, the indoctrination of values and symbols of false identity including the value that having fun (drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, looking cool, sports, whatever) is more important than education fosters contempt for the education and moral values that young people need in order to compete and succeed. Many graduate as semi-literate, academically incompetent, qualified for nothing, and not just with the idea that it is OK to cheat their way through school and through life, as well, but that doing so is some kind of badge of honor about which they openly brag with a wink and cynical smirk. Then these entitled, conniving, duplicitous, self-serving sycophants graduate to the halls of Congress, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Hollywood (which includes all news and entertainment media), universities and international corporations.

These attitudes appear throughout all social strata and set the stage for all the mass corruption throughout society…
business, politics, government agencies, religious organizations, interpersonal relationships, etc. The ruling elite
mandated legislation that green-lighted the corrupt predisposition of Wall Street and bankers who entered adult society with sociopathic attitudes and values cited in the previous paragraph. Congress legislated Freddie and Fannie to purchase sub-prime loans. This relieved lenders from the risks of such loans that generated billions in commission
revenue for the lenders that in turn generated more impetus for more such loans. Through the Federal Reserve (a
privately controlled central bank) they embarked on massive creation of trillions in electronic fiat funds to cover the
inevitable losses of sub-prime loans and collateral damage. Meanwhile, Congress was rewarded for its duplicity by
appearing to support minority home ownership.

Congress continues to benefit by total exemption from insider trading prohibition so its members may profit from all this financial machination, and so they did and continue to do so, along with their self-defined salaries, rapacious expense accounts and gold-plated retirement and health plans exclusive to themselves while they leave the rest of us to scrounge for bankrupt pensions, ObamaCare health plans and social security (that they refuse to adequately adjust for the inflation imposed by their policies) while continuing to raise taxes, fees and every other hidden tax scheme that they can devise. They represent no one but their own self-interest and that of the cabal that puts them into office. Anyone who truly believes that these people sincerely intend to legislate in the best interests of their constituents or the nation as a whole is clinically delusional and in dire need of serious, heavy duty, industrial strength psychotherapy. Politicians who intend to reverse the sociopathy imposed on society will be marginalized or otherwise neutralized, and that includes murder. Anyone who doubts this fact of political reality is terminally naïve.

Such sociopathic potential has been established as innate to our process of social, economic and political evolution.
It has been cynically contrived to channel social, economic and political evolution by Balkanizing society into warring factions who will not communicate honestly and effectively, and who are so distracted by their paranoia and
conflict that they cannot so communicate. Communication is our only hope…belay that, hope is the final refuge of
those for whom there is no hope…communication is our only means for salvation. The cabal of totalitarian sociopaths is currently attempting to suppress communication through the internet. Divide and conquer. We are divided on every issue with which we identify…political, religious, economic status, racial, sexual, age, etc. Their goal is total chaos in all venues and contexts that they address with suppressive policies (e.g. The Patriot Act that is anything other than patriotic and may ultimately culminate in Marshall Law) for the ultimate goal of total control of the entire planet through the imposition of order that does not emerge spontaneously but instead the converse… contrived order that permanently suppresses spontaneous order that would otherwise emerge naturally by the principles of Chaos Theory. They employ the principles of Catastrophe Theory to channel discontinuous changes to yield a state of suppressed spontaneity in all venues and contexts. This cabal has the power to dictate an agenda that would end the mass indoctrination of superficial values on society and promote the Preamble to the Constitution, as well as neutralize most, if not all, the petty tyrants that rule third world countries and the devastation that they impose on their people, but this cabal, through their "elected" and appointed minions, deliberately do just the opposite. All this yields chaos, while they manipulate us into slavery.

Lest you get the impression that my perspective is doom and gloom pessimism, BOTTLED WATER, 2089, The Problem with Extended Life metaphorically describes a technologically plausible, but not necessarily inevitable destiny that is presaged by an astronomical event that serves as a metaphor for a mass social awakening that is sorely needed. (It’s just a metaphor. That’s all it is…not another of those airy-fairy, head-in-the-clouds or doom and gloom, New Age prognostications babbled on talk shows or that litter the information highways of the internet.) The final line of BOTTLED WATER… defines our Ultimate Destiny…an ambiguous destiny…i.e. with multiple interpretations that automatically shift with a change of mental perspective, as in ambiguous perspective illusions (Google search same for examples).

One more thing. It’s all about identity. This thing we call life is a bundle of memories filled with identity symbols through which we define ourselves from one another, that we create for ourselves from the cradle to the grave and is all we take with us when we go home…more than we were before. Like lyrics to a melody composed, played and sung through the rhythms of a cosmic symphony of vibrating tones of probability waves collapsing into spontaneously self-ordering, standing beat-wave structures and events, It composes life that manifests Itself through infinite probabilities expressed through infinitely extended, parallel, 4-dimensional time continuums arrayed through infinitely extended, parallel, 5-dimensional planes (each plane formed by parallel 4-D time lines), all arrayed…like layers in a cosmic onion…as a 6-dimensional rotating sphere. All probabilities that can be expressed will be expressed, in one way or another, at one time or another, yet simultaneously exist in a state of superposition to spontaneously self-order as a multidimensional living organism…as life that has no end within The Eternal Moment of the Field of the Self from which we cannot escape, hence, our fear of death that returns us to that awesome and sublime state from which there is no way out except through the amnesia of physical incarnation and reincarnation (a process that concludes, if ever…maybe never…such is the nature of infinity contained within the bubble of The Eternal Moment, when all that needs to be learned is learned, if ever). Thus, The Field comes to know Itself.

Life passes through us in a flash
to leave us in a brilliant hush,
the dim and distant glow of which
we glimpsed beyond the last horizon
in moments that preceded storms
or days that followed autumn’s harvest,
or waking moments after dreams
that fade in twilight separating
nights from days that clasp the schemes
that tell the stories of our lives,
or moments heralding the birth
of life we cradled in our arms,
or moments following the death
of those we did not know we loved
until it was too late,
as well as those we could not love__
no matter what, it was too late__
and also those we knew we loved
but feared to say the aching words
until it was too late,
or moments in a restaurant
where my feelings groped for words
before it was too late
when I proclaimed, "I love you,"
or failure’s stifling silence
when you replied "Oh, no, you don’t.
You just need to accept yourself,"
or moments when I stopped to stare__
a window with the shade drawn up,
a vacant room, the floor laid bare,
a red and white sign said FOR RENT.

Those moments lie a breath away,
poised within the timeless space
of an eternal moment
where all the moments of our lives
continue simultaneously__
forming the totality
of our immortal Self.

That threshold we all do approach
within the final days of life
where, at last if not before,
we must accept the lives we live:
our lives are who we are,
but what we are is something more.

Children feel they are immortal
because they cannot feel the end
because they know not who they are
because they recently arrived
from eternity."

Dear Richard:
Just finished your book "Supernatural". I found it very informative.
Best Regards
J. Clark
Toronto, Canada

I enjoy reading about the range of your spiritual interests and how they intersect.

Dear Richard,
Just finished reading The Dice Game Of Shiva. I marvel at the rare insights and your total grip and grasp of the very intricate subject of Consciouness. Finally the concluding chapter is culmination of your comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand. God Bless You. In case I have some questions, would you be kind to clear the fog in me. Regards.
Om Prakash, Jammu Kashmir,India

Hi, Richard, I do like your website very much...quite tranquil here. I am a student of Neville and it has led me to you. I just got your Inner Christianity book and am anxious to read it so I can share my take with the 1000+ members on my Neville FB page. We share many books and writings so I am anxious to give them my feedback.

So very nice to make my way here...where I am intended to be.

Love and Light,

Hi, Richard . . .

If you'd like an invitation to visit a 15,000 book metaphysical library, send a contact edress to airforz1@cox.net.

Please do not add my edress to any auto-subscription listing.

Thanx . . . Philip

I'm related to you and want to find out about your father. Was born in Waterbury in 1934 and am now in Florida. Going to the Philippines in early April. Don't know where you are. Barbara Snow Scully.

Loved Inner Christianity so I had to go out and buy another one of your books. About a quarter of the way into Forbidden Faith and it is fantastic. Your insight has bridged many gaps within my quest for Gnosis.

Eternal blessings in Light to you my Brother,

Shane, Michigan


Thanks for putting Inner Christianity for Kindle on Amazon (and others who may have helped in that). I bought the book again and will give it as gifts too. Your other works need kindle editions too - like Conscious Love. Thanks.


Dear Mr Smolley.

On page 14 of Forbidden Faith, you seem to conflate the Immaculate Conception with the Virgin Birth. Of course they are not related. Am I misreading this section?

Andy, Vermont

Hi Richard:

I have enjoyed all your books very much. Inner Christianity is my favorite. I am reading The Dice Game of Shiva and it is a wonderful read as well; very thought provoking.

I have Inner Christianity is print and audio additions. Thanks. But please put Inner Christianity in ebook form - especially in Kindle form. I would buy it again if you did. The same goes for Conscious Love and the rest of your works. I know this is a selfish request but I do almost everything exclusively in ebook now. I also want to give them as gifts to others. What say ye???

I just finished reading Forbidden Faith. I enjoyed it and learned a good bit. I do wish you had devoted a couple of pages in the introduction to a matrix or some other type of organized (possibly numbered) listing of the general characteristics of gnosticism. After reading the book, I had a better feel for your subject but still it would have been helpful to start with a framework or diagram.
Interestingly, I had read Harold Bloom's book on THE AMERICAN RELIGION twice and was still confused how he could apply the gnostic label to Southern Baptists and other relatively traditional Christian groups. Your commentary on Bloom's work was accordingly very clarifying.
I do have a question if you have the time. On page 208 in the final chapter of FORBIDDEN FAITH, you have a section on "The Imaginary Friend." Can you tell me which of your personal works or perhaps material by another author I can obtain to learn more about this psychological phenomena? I see it as a perceptual issue and would like to do more reading on the psychology of perception and falsely induced perception. Any recommendations?
James gaiuswolf@hotmail.com

“The Lord’s kindness never fails! If he had not been merciful, we would have been destroyed.” __Lam 3.22
____________THE LAST WARNING______

The Christians who believe in prophetic words Note that'RE LIVING IN THE FINAL STAGES OF RECENT TIMES. However, a large number of non-Christians also are expressing their growing concern about the formation of a globalized world. Beginning to give some account of the danger of having a single ruler, which could lead to the greatest dictatorship in history. But world leaders are working hard to unite the planet. The design accepted by the majority is that when we are all united, wars end, the prosperity will be a global reality, the crime will be eliminated, poverty will no longer exist and the result will be a peaceful world society, which live in harmony with nature.

However, this theory clearly contradicts the Holy Scriptures, as they say at the moment imagine that the man reached a comprehensive peace and prosperity, they will begin their days more horrific the world has ever experienced. In 1 Thessalonians 5.3 read: "When you walk saying: Peace and security, here they occur sudden destruction, as is the pain of which is to give birth, and no way of escape."

There is only one way to escape the coming trial. It is not an escape to a new philosophy, or a different type of government, but only to follow Him who said: "I am the door. If anyone enters by me will be saved "(John 10.9). How can you get? By faith. Believe that Jesus, the Son of God, paid for his sins with His own blood on the cross of Calvary. John 3:36 guarantor "who believes in the Son has eternal life, which, however, remains rebel against the Son will not see life, but he remains on the wrath of God."

--------- Arno Froese of God in the Digital Era --------- www. Chamada.com.br
Already in 1980 the then pres. French VG d'Estaing said at a meeting of the 'rich':
'The world is sad. And It’s sad BY AND IS NOT KNOW WHERE WILL. And also because guess what if known only note that the march to disaster. "—JJss Le Defi mondial L’express

We’re still alive! We shouldn’t complain when we are being punished for our sins. Instead, we should think about the way we are living, and turn back to the Lord.------Lam 3.39,40
Why John Wrote His Book
Jesus worked many other miracles for his disciples, and not all of them are written in this book. But these are written so that you will put your faith in Jesus as the Messiah and the Son of God. If you have faith in him, you will have true life. __John 20.30
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(PSALMS 118.8, Hebrews 12.2 for reflection)

Hi Richard,

Your website caught my eye – haven’t had time to read any texts yet as only found it a couple of hours ago. Little time left for me – stage 4 colon, liver, lung cancer – maybe months if lucky.

Spent last ten years with non-dual teachers, about 12 prior to that Theravada Buddhist (some overlap) some time in SRF, 29 years in AA – that started my search in 1982.

Mostly go by intuition these days – what to read, what teachers to listen to, what retreats to sit.

I found your site don’t remember how. Was struck by something in it, or the way you said it. I don’t know.

Putting yourself in my shoes, where would you start off reading? Not A Course in Miracles – didn’t connect with me – about 20 years ago.

Like I mentioned – weeks rather than years so how would you approach it?

Many Blessings

Jonathan Boisseau
1028 5th St, Novato CA, 94945

I was raised traditionally for a 5th generation native of the Pacific NW. Without religion whatsoever. The environmental factors-- huge trees, salt water, volcanoes--are imposing. And for me, rather conforting; I felt a sort of nature mysticism from an early age.

In 1965, I was taking Russian in high school. So aware that is was Orthodox "Easter." A loving Light filled the room. It flowed from the molecules of wood in the nightstand, form my own cells. The short version: I was lifted; I could see into the Atlantic at the macro & micro levels. Then past stellar systems. To what appeared to be the end of the universe, where all went black. Because even light cannot contain the Infinite. Since this was also the era of intense political action, I basically repressed most of what I had experienced, staying with what I knew. Politics and labor activism as a mechanic. The spiritual stuff, which I read voraciously, was kept safely compartmentalized. The two seemed incompatible.

It took me decades to find my own way of return. Via wisdom acquired through hardship. However, I had guides-- spiritual friends discovered in the printed word. Among them Evelyn Underwood, Carl Jung, Gershom Sholem, Frances Yates, Anthanasius Kircher, Rene Schwaller de Lubicz, many Tibetan Buddhists, et al. The usual authors people on the independent path find. Plus "Gnosis" magazine and Inner Christianity, which I have re-read every few months since 2003.

My conclusion? That Rudolph Steiner was right that some form of esoteric Christianity is more appropriate to the west than some syncretic amalgam of Buddhism/Vedanta. The de facto camp of many of the alternative writers, even great ones like Ken Wilbur. Or lesser lights like Eckart Tolle. Isn't it amusing, though, that these advocates of ego regicide have their own faces plastered across their book covers?

Their approach also implies that the entire arc of western development was an evolutionary mistake. I began to ask--what if the idea of the individual were spiritually legitimate? What would that path look like? Ye shall be as gods... Trintarianism, even if a theological muddle, is about independent relationships (perichoresis) even within the One.

We do have a map of the territory. A basic chart to guide one through the unknown. Kabbalah with the tarot paths. IMO, not as it is usually presented. It has taken over a decade, but I assembled a version that works. It's not THE truth, but a truth. And if I can get across Daath, so can every other esoteric explorer.
Rafi Simonton

YES! I like your website, especially the duotone colors and mysterious imagery. The Indigo blue-violet hues are a favorite, pointing to the Vishudda chakra of creative communication. I love your book Inner Christianity, from which I have derived many affirmations on this path, as I integrate yogic spirituality with an indigenous Christian birth and baptism in the Lutheran tradition, and now current practice in the Episcopal church. I read from your book to a friend who is going blind exteriorly, but we share an upwelling conversation on the integrated, interior gnosis; she from her Roman church baptism-catechism-- as well as our common views on Christianity and yoga practice / teacher training in different places at different times.

Do you know of Bede Griffiths, and his monastery / ashram in Southern India? One of his students, Russill Paul, wrote a book with some similar "interspiritual" thoughts, in "Jesus In The Lotus; Yogic Spirituality and Christianity," which speaks directly to the end chapters of your book. Bonhoeffer is a favorite theologian as well, but I wonder if his writing has the anomaly of consciousness at his "time," yet he too, is also a time-less writer. I look forward to reading "The Dice Game...
yet prior to, is Einstein in error?

Hello Richard. First, thank you for your willingness to receive comments and answer questions. My question deals with ACIM. I read an interview you did with D. Patrick Miller in which you said that even after years studying the Course you felt the need to explore paths that incorporated body awareness stuff (I think you mentioned Tibetan buddhism specifically). I've studied the Course for a couple of years and have recently gotten involved in the Diamond Approach. My question is, do you think that attempting to simultaneously follow both of these paths will prevent each from being as effective as they would be otherwise? Also do you think it is necessary to work through childhood memories?

While I loved your book "The Dice Game of Shiva'. I don't quite understand why Hinduism is considered a myth. It's very much real, as real as the God that the Christians proclaim. It's undoubtedly sad to to see that the Western world still deems itself superior.

Richard, After reading your article about Marcion, I'm curious to know if you believe in his conviction that Jehova was NOT the true father Jesus.

Dear Professor Richard

Over the past 6 or so years of studying Ancient Histories and Religeous Theologies, for personal benefit only - i came across some of your writings about a year or so ago (Nov-Dec 2010) and luckily enough for me was right up my alley.

At the time I was reading Zecharia Sitchin's writings on the Annunaki and Dr John Dickson's works on the Historical validity of the Gospels (Biblical and Non Biblical).

Your writings on 'Asherah' the wife of Yahweh - linking El, Yahweh and Asherah together I found particularly interesting, particularly after reading the book of Enoch ( three versions of it ).

What do you think of the Books of Enoch, and the correlations with Zecharia Sitchin's writings of the Annunaki and Nibiru?
I was reading ancient Sumerian mythology ( prior to this apparent Alien influence ) and found that their beliefs centred around a Magical Garden with a large tree in the centre - a story that sounds familiar when one reads the confusing and very absent of detail scrolls that make up Genesis ( Many thanks to the Council of Mycea for that... )

Not only that but the language of the Sumerians, in a way, supports Zecharia Sitchin's claims. ( From memory so correct me if i mix this up slightly ) An, Nu, and Ki are Sumerian words that mean: Gods, Sky, and Earth. Also interesting that images that I have seen ( post reading your works ) of Asherah are strangely similar to that of the Sumerian carvings of their Angel-like figures.

I also found your notes on Moses interesting, particularly his name and the Egyptian meaning of his name. But also the events surrounding his well known story ( whether he wrote it or not ) and an image that is probably subject to debate.
We can debate all we like about when Moses apparently lead the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan - as it is very difficult to pin point their place in history as there weren't, as you say, extrabiblical texts on the subject. However the debatable image i'm talking about is a Sumerian carving which seems to have some lesser people, a Giant on a throne and between them what seems to be The Ark of The Covenant. It was my understanding that Ancient Sumer was well and truly before the events surrounding Moses, as the birth of the Ark of the Covenant was ( Biblically ) on the summit of Mt Siani containing the 12 commandments.

What are your thoughts on these subjects, do you find these things interesting or just extremely coincidental?

With the Kindest Regards
Justin Banks


Read an article of yours on gnostifinfo about the "I am". Your explanation is the best I have found thus far. Oh the layers and layers that had to be peeled back to find this core of being! It has indeed changed my whole life. Thanks. Patricia

Hello again... My thought about the medulla oblongata is that it stores the personal emotions/memories that still have to be refined from past lives. We come back to work through these emotions to understand ourselves better in relation to our own divinity, to reconnect to our essential "I-ness." I believe that the "fall" is the story of our disconnection from that divinity, and we are all trying to find our way back to our true selves wading through the illusion of separation, which is the biggest illusion of all.

Thanks for your comments. Lisa, I'd never heard that the medulla oblongata stores past-life memories, and it occurs to me that I've never actually considered where in the brain they might be. I suppose I'd assumed that they were in some higher or later parts of the brain. There is also the rather vexed question of differentiating between past-life memories on the one hand and ancestral, racial, and species-related memories on the other. Anyway, thanks for your comment!

I've only read up to page 62 so this may be addressed later on, but In Inner Christianity you discuss the "circular serpent," which relates to our reptilian brain, the medulla oblongata. I've learned that the medulla oblongata stores our past life information, which is yet another aspect of time in this horizontal dimension of ours. We keep coming back to refine the "evil" energies in this human dimension so that we can blend more with the vertical dimension of soul/spirit.

Thank you, Lisa White

I like it very much!
-- Susie from Idaho

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