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Richard Smoley's Blog

Conceptronium and Perceptronium

I've just come across this item (see link at left, "Consciousness as a Property of Matter") and think it's interesting enough to comment on.

There are some problems with it: I always raise my eyebrows when I come across peculiar neologisms such as "conceptronium" and "perceptronium." But I do think it's valuable that there  Read More 
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What is consciousness?

One of today’s hottest topics is consciousness. Where does it come from? How does it relate to matter (e.g., the brain)? What does consciousness mean anyway?

The answers have been maddeningly vague, and often circular. What is consciousness? Uh, well, awareness. What is awareness? Uh, well, perception. What is perception?  Read More 
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Has Consciousness Evolved?

The idea that consciousness is evolving is one of the most important doctrines of the New Age. But is it true?

Over the long term, the answer seems obvious. Even the stupidest of humans is far more intelligent and sophisticated than a trilobite. Although materialists have skirted the conclusion that evolution has a direction –  Read More 
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