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Richard Smoley's Blog

The Fearless D. Patrick Miller

Over the last few days I've been back in touch with my old friend and colleague, D. Patrick Miller, author of The Way of Forgiveness, A Complete Guide to the Course, (A Course in Miracles, that is), and any number of other works. He also has his own publishing imprint, Fearless Books.

Patrick is one of the wittiest and most intelligent and thoughtful writers in alternative spirituality today.

Our connection goes back a long time, but it includes an interview he did with me for The Sun back in 2003. It's at:


I'm still very pleased with it all these years later.

Patrick is best-known for his work on A Course in Miracles, a work that some of you know and that I will discuss in some future post.

You might want to visit his website, fearlessbooks.com, or look at his blog on Elephant Journal. (link at left).
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