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Richard Smoley's Blog

Contradictions in Scientistic Materialism

The third word in the title is not a typo. I want to distinguish scientism, an ideology that views science in quasi-religious terms, from science per se.

Scientism (a.k.a. scientific materialism) is the worldview behind current mainstream Western thought. It’s not so much a doctrine but a collection of usually unstated assumptions that dictate much of what we read and hear — and believe.  Read More 
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What is consciousness?

One of today’s hottest topics is consciousness. Where does it come from? How does it relate to matter (e.g., the brain)? What does consciousness mean anyway?

The answers have been maddeningly vague, and often circular. What is consciousness? Uh, well, awareness. What is awareness? Uh, well, perception. What is perception?  Read More 
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