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Excerpt in Utne

April 25, 2017

Tags: God, belief, faith, revelation, Bible

This excerpt from How God Became God has just been posted on the Utne Reader website.

Click on the image to reach the article.

Tikkun: Beyond the Trap of Biblical Literalism

September 28, 2016

Tags: Bible, literalism, Fox News, God, Origen, archaeology

Many people in the educated world understand that the Bible--or not all of the Bible--is literally true.

But there is actually quite a bit of confusion about which parts are and which parts aren't literally true.

My book How God Became God deals with this question in depth.

But I have just published an article on the Tikkun website that sketches out the basic arguments. To read it, click on the cover above for the link.

Groundwater: The Problem of God

July 30, 2016

Tags: God, religion, spirituality

Reality Sandwich has put up an excerpt from How God Became God. Click the cover for the link.

Review of How God Became God

May 17, 2016

Tags: Bible, God

Parabola has just issued a review of my book How God Became God, written by John Shirley. For a link, click on the image to the left.

God and the Great Angel

December 21, 2015

Tags: Bible, Old Testament, Yahweh, God, Margaret Barker, Moses, Midian, El, Israelites, Son of God, Son of Man, Logos, the Word

Several days ago I posted a link to my article, "The Strange Identity of Jesus Christ," saying that the Christians who wrote the New Testament didn't think that Jesus was God incarnate. They thought he was the incarnation of the Great Angel, Metatron, the "archangel of many names," as Philo described him. Some of these names were the (more…)

Contradictions in Scientistic Materialism

December 14, 2015

Tags: Scientific materialism, cognitive science, parapsychology, epigenetics, Cassandra Vieten, Lawrence LeShan, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Andrew Newberg, God

The third word in the title is not a typo. I want to distinguish scientism, an ideology that views science in quasi-religious terms, from science per se.

Scientism (a.k.a. scientific materialism) is the worldview behind current mainstream Western thought. Itís not so much a doctrine but a collection of usually unstated assumptions that dictate much of what we read and hear ó and believe. (more…)

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